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update mailing list

You can subscribe or unsubscribe by entering your full E-Mail address in the box below. You must remember to use your full E-Mail address; that is, if you are on AOL with a screen name of BlinkIdiot, you need to enter BlinkIdiot@aol.com. Same goes for you Hotmail people.

This is not an interactive mailing list, but an update only list where the webmaster will send out notices of interest to Blink-182 fans, such as appearances on TV or radio programs or the announcement of a new tour. You should expect an average of about one mailing every couple of weeks, though mailings fluctuate depending on the amount of activity Blink-182 is currently engrossed in. You may view the archives to read the kinds of messages you will receive.

interactive mailing list

There is an unofficial interactive mailing list run by a fan that you can sign on to. It is run by a girl named Kerrie and can be signed on to by sending a simple request to Prnces182@aol.com.

There is also an unofficial news mailing list. You can sign on to that list by sending a message to blink182_news_list@yahoo.com.