Here's the latest news relating to the web site and the band Blink-182...

04/13/99 - Updated the Warped Tour dates.

03/25/99 - The band pointed out a few errors in the lyrics, so they have all been fixed. Make sure you check out the lyrics section if you haven't yet so you can see what they're really saying.

03/23/99 - As of 6:32pm pacific time, we have successfully completed the server move. Total downtime? Fifteen seconds. Enjoy the site at our blazing new speed!

03/22/99 - The new site has been getting a lot of traffic since the beginning of the month. That's great, but due to the volume of the traffic, we will be relocating the web site to a different server sometime in the next day or two. Just a warning as the site may be down, hopefully for a short time if at all.

03/17/99 - In following with our coverage of Enema of the State (read below), we have just heard that the cover will feature adult film star Janine in a nurse's uniform.

03/09/99 - Word has just been received that Blink-182's next album will be called Enema of the State and will be in stores June 15, 1999. Keep checking back on this web site for snippets from the new album.

03/08/99 - We added a few pictures of Travis to the pictures page.

03/05/99 - We know everyone's been waiting a long time, so the new web site is up! Enjoy!